Big Trouble in Little Coruscant

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Session 0
Substance Abuse and New Jobs

2 PM Nar Shaddaa Local Standard Time, Various Locations

A chiss rolls over on his cot, knocking over an empty bottle, to answer his comlink and listen to a new message. A human struggles out of a booze heavy sleep to pick up her datapad and read the latest ping. A toydarian hovers over a patient, about to make an incision when her comlink beeps with anticipated news. A duro and a kushiban bicker over the proper way to repair a broken coolant line, each surreptitiously unscrewing bolts from the other’s work station, when the ship’s com alerts them to an incoming communication. A falleen mutters to himself and shuffles papers around on his desk, mostly bored and wishing he had a secretary to flirt with, when his desk com chirps an alert of an incoming call. They all receive the same message and make plans for an evening meetingq.

9–11 PM Nar Shaddaa Local Standard Time, Fluxx Nightclub

Fluxx is a fairly typical Nar Shaddaa nightclub, with its neon sign clad exterior and its interior filled with flashing lights, booze-sticky floors, and far-too-loud dance music with the bass boosted to an uncomfortable level. The one thing that makes Fluxx unusual is its location: it was originally a warehouse deep in a lower level industrial park, making it a bright, neon oasis in the middle of a filthy, smoggy, rust-waste, at least visually. The reality is that it’s not any more civilized or cleaner than the surrounding area.

Murpharin “Murphy” (Joe), the drug-addled kushiban mechanic arrives an hour early for the meeting in order to party, having already pre-gamed the event back at the Shellshock with some booster blue. Arkadi, the female human fixer and professional party girl, who everyone is supposed to meet to discuss arrangements for a job, is already there, and already partying. She welcomes the small, furry party animal with great glee. The next to arrive is Teld’Isun’Nuruudo, who commonly goes by Disun (Tanner), a stoic chiss bounty hunter. He approaches the venue close to half an hour early, but does not cross the street to it, or enter. He simply waits in the shadows and watches the others arrive. Surgani Taab (Trava), a toydarian doctor, Taslu Jonduks (Jackie), a duro pilot, and Cara Sonnel, a human slicer, all arrive close to the same time, noticing the lurking chiss, who does look non-chalant, but is definitely not well hidden. Cara heads to the bar rail and drinks quietly, while Content Not Found: surgani-tabb gets dragged around the dance floor by Arkadi. Taslu gets a little frustrated that it gets to be almost an hour late, there are people missing, and the fixer is definitely high and/or drunk. Finally, almost three quarters of an hour late, Zarko Razra (Monica), a handsome falleen lawyer, arrives with two fraternal twin twi’leks on his arms. Assured that all are here (with maybe the exception of the small furry one who arrived before him), Disun follows the falleen into the club. As soon as Arkadi sees the last member of the group enter the nightclub, she seems to sober up very quickly, but takes the time to make sure everyone has had a drink. She ushers everyone outside, except the falleen’s twin hangers on, much to his disappointment, and has them all pile in a stretch speeder.

12 AM Nar Shaddaa Local Standard Time, [[Tuk Tuk’s Bar and Karaoke]]

[[Tuk Tuk’s Bar and Karaoke]] is located in an area full of small businesses, pawn shops, and single apartments. This dive bar is never closed, and it advertises that fact by having saloon style wooden doors that contrast the building’s duracrete structure at its front entrance and loud, twangy music blasting at all hours of the day. In fact, most of the furniture inside is wood as well, which is rather unusual as wood is a commodity on Nar Shaddaa. Tuk Tuk’s seems to cater mostly to rough and tumble mercs and bounty hunters. The one perk of meeting here is that Tuk Tuk, a 4-foot-tall midget wookiee, rents booths with built in sound dampers to prevent others from listening and recording whatever is said at the table. For a premium, he’ll even disable his own recording device built into the table!

Arkadi charged directly into the somewhat off putting establishment. Most of the group followed, but Murphy slipped away, briefly, to nab a too-large black hat with an Imperial symbol on it from a nearby shop. Disunn stuck around to watch Murphy, amused. When all were inside, Arkadi led them to a sound dampened table in the back of the establishment to discuss four possible jobs, but just as they got settled, Surgani’s com buzzed, and she then excused herself to go check on a patient whose case she has been very interested in seeing develop.

One job involved picking up three runaway slaves near the edge of Hutt space to return them to their rightful owner. The second job required the Shellshock to pick up a single passenger from Onderon and deliver him or her to Nar Shaddaa “under the radar”. The first cargo job was to pick up a special package from Dodixie (don’t look for it on a star map. I made it up, sort of) and bring it back to Nar Shaddaa. The other was to pick up a load of an unknown new spice for Spice Lord Traxxus the Hutt from Jinizu (also made up, kind of) in hutt space. The group debated and bickered for a while, but settle eventually on taking the runaway slaves job and the special delivery job. The runaways mission had a caveat that there is an option to deliver them to a being outside hutt space that would pay less, but would free the slaves and make sure they were sent to safe locations. Arkadi also had a warning for the special delivery job that a particular pirate in the area (no name mentioned) had a personal interest in this delivery and might try to intercept, and that the best tactic in that case is to heave to and follow instructions. She seemed pretty insistent about that.

Pay for Brokering Piece (cargo) is 2000 cr
Pay for Run a Ways (passenger, or cargo if you’re sadists) is 1500 cr, or 1000 cr if you choose to take them to the contact outside hutt space.

And yes. All of my missions had punny names. Inflitraitor and Spice of Life were the two you did not take.

1 AM Nar Shaddaa Local Standard Time, Tuk Tuk’s Bar and Karaoke and surrounding area

Near the end of the discussion, Murphy wound up challenging Arkadi to a spice consuming contest, but she insisted on waiting until business had been settled. Immediately following a final decision to take two jobs, she placed six containers of spice on the table between herself and the kushiban, including but not limited to a small amount of glitterstim, a booster blue variant called “kick”, and avabush. Cara decided that this was her opportunity to try some spice and consumed a small amount of kick. Being her first time it hit her hard, and pretty soon everything was awesome. Arkadi handily outdid Murphy, who wound up passing out and being carried back to the Shellshock by Taslu. She may or may not have done something to the furball while he was unconscious, but she definitely rolled her eyes a lot. Disunn, who wanted to distance himself from this lunacy, stood up the moment the drugs were on the table. He singled out a barabel patron to steal its drink, and then proceeded to nearly effortlessly punch it out and stalk off into the night to look for bounty work. Cara saw this and thought it was awesome. She thinks the chiss should go pro. Zarko spent his evening flirting with Arkadi and Cara, and by the end of the night had convinced both of them to go home with him.


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