Surgani Taab

Toydarian Colonist - Doctor


2.5 ft tall when standing, 0-30 lbs depending on how full her flight bladder is.

Surgani has bright green Eyes. Her skin is mottled purple and green with the colors on her belly, snout and the undersides of her limbs being more muted (lavender gray and gray green). She has no hair on her anywhere. She usually wears either a green or a purple jumpsuit belted around her torso just above her belly. Two largish brown messenger bags hang on either side of the belt. The bags contain medical equipment, personal items and insects for snacking on.

When she dresses up she wears something more like a bikini with a skirt bottom and paints complex designs on her large exposed belly.

She has the pleasant, slightly spicy body odor associated with her species.


Surgani Taab

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