Cairn Ock

Zeltron Hired Gun - Mercenary Soldier


He’s a 5’10" Zeltron with a darker blue hair color. He seems to always have a perfectly groomed beard shadow and keeps his hair short and neatly groomed with a front tip. He’s fairly well built and has an obvious athletic build.

For normal wear, when he does wear a shirt he wears a bright, day glow yellow tank top (cut/shaped like the one Bruce Willis wore in Fifth Element), fairly tight leather pants that ride on around his hips.
For missions/jobs, he switches to black combat boots, fatigues, a tool belt, and a heavy leather bomber jacket. There’s a holster for his blaster pistol on his right leg, and his Force Pike slung over his shoulder. He wears a faded bandanna over his hair with black grease paint under his eyes.

When not on missions, he’ll often be working out at random points, sometimes with clothing actually on.


Cairn Ock

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