Chiss Bounty Hunter - Gadgeteer


Teld’isun’Nuruodo is an imposing figure for a Chiss. Nearly 2 meters tall and 230lbs of pure muscle makes Disun quite large compared to the normally slender Chiss race. His black, ragged hair seems to be a grown out military style cut. His face is covered by a mangled beard he still scratches at as though it were not familiar. In general, Disun carries himself like so many veterans of long lost wars. Were he not so young many might mistake him for one such veteran. Disun speaks only when necessary and says as little as possible when it is. His eyes dart with a savage intelligence, always calculating, always on the look out for the next threat. He dresses in a well kept set of armored clothing covered by a large travelers cloak. His hands always seem to be clothed in his weighted gloves, which often still have signs of his last fight on them.

He may not always be the easiest to get along with or understand, but he is incredibly handy in a fight.



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