Zarko Razra

Falleen Smuggler - Charmer


He is about 5’10" tall, with a lithe build, brilliant emerald green skin, dark penetrating eyes, and long luscious black hair, commonly worn in the high ponytail favored by both male and female Falleen. Unlike most male Falleen, Zarko occasionally decorates his ponytail and the subtle ridges on his head with beads and/or tiny gems. He tends towards dark, rich colors such as black, deep violet, sapphire blue, and garnet red, and his clothing is tailored to fit and made of the highest quality fabrics. The style varies depending on the event he is attending, ranging from the elaborate pointy-shouldered robes worn over trousers favored by his people to something more akin to a modern 3 piece suit. He wears his elegant blaster pistol in a concealed holster beneath either the robes or the jacket. His facial features and mannerisms are often feminine, though his garments tend to be in more masculine styles. The overall effect is definitely androgynous.


Zarko Razra

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